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July Golf Lesson Special $75


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Michael Hutcheon
Phone: 336-956-6245
Email: HutchPGA@saponaclub.com

Tips for Beating the Heat

The dog days of summer have officially arrived! While summer brings longer days, which means more time to spend on the course, the scorching temperatures can really put a damper on your tee time. The good news is that there are all sorts of ways to beat the heat so that you can get the most out of your time on the course.

Play Early
If your schedule allows it, tee off early so that you can avoid having to golf during the highest temperatures of the day. The earlier you can start, the cooler the temperatures will be. Besides, who could say no to a little early-morning dew?
Sapona’s hours are: Monday: 11:00 AM – 6:30 PM (1st Tee Time 12pm) & Tuesday-Sunday: 7:00 AM – 6:30 PM (1st Tee Time 8am)

Dress Appropriately
Wearing the right clothing is a must when golfing in the summer. Ideally, you want to wear loose, light-colored clothes that are made with moisture-wicking material. You can find moisture-wicking material from top brands such as FJ, Bermuda, Sands and Norman apparel, which we have in our golf shop. Breathable clothes are a must, otherwise when you start to sweat, your clothes will stick to you, which will impact your comfort and your ability to play your best. When hitting the course, make sure you’re wearing long sleeves, loose shorts or pants and a hat. For any skin that is exposed while on the course, be sure to use sunscreen. SPF 50 should be just what you need to protect your skin against sunburn.

Use Cooling Towels & Gels
Just as there is moisture-wicking clothing on the market, you’ll also find cooling products as well. During the summer days on the course, a cooling towel or two is a must. These towels are a great way to wick away sweat, or for placing on the back of your neck, on your upper back, or across your belly to lower your body temperature.
When you aren’t using your cooling towel, make sure it’s stored in a cold area.

Stay Hydrated
Spending hours in the hot, glaring sun almost guarantees that you’re going to lose water, which increases the risk of dehydration. When golfing during the summer months, be sure to drink plenty of fluids during your round. Visit the turn house and pack your cooler with drinks. The turn house has a lot of food and drinks to choose from. Maintaining your electrolyte levels is also important. We also sell Biolyte… it’s called an IV in a bottle. This way you can play your best and make the most of your time on the course.
Then after playing golf go take a dip in the pool and relax. You deserve it. Play hard and then relax.
Pool Hours are … 11:00am – 8:00pm



$34.00 per Player - Before 5PM $25.00 per Player - After 5PM $29.00 Senior 55+ M-F


$45.00 per Player - Before 3PM
$35.00 per Player - After 3PM

Member Cart Fees

Annual Private Cart (Non-Investor): $1,500 Annual Course Cart (Investor): $1,200
------------ 18 Hole Cart Fee: $20.00 9 Hole Cart Fee: $12.00

Please call the golf shop at 336-956-6245 for details on our special junior golf rates.


Range Balls (50/Bag)

Sapona Golf Members: $5.00 per bag
Sapona Social Members: $8.00 per bag
Non-Members: $8.00 per bag
Sapona Investors - Free of Charge

Annual Range Membership
*Available with Existing Golf Memberships Only*

Single Membership - $300.00 annually

Double Membership - $450.00 annually
Can include any two golfers within the same immediate family

Family Membership - $600.00 annually
Includes all immediate family members of the paying golf member

Our annual range membership runs July 1st - June 30th and includes unlimited range balls.
Dues will be charged in full July 1st. For those who would like to sign up now, the annual rate will be pro-rated through June 30th.
Social members and non-members are not eligible for annual range memberships.



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